Too Rude

Too Rude

Too Rude’s roots are Punk Rock and Reggae music. One word to describe it is…original. Not to be pigeonholed as just a Reggae band or just a Punk band, the hybrid equates to just great songs.

Located in Southern California’s Southbay, birthplace of such bands as Black Flag, Decendents, and Pennywise, Too Rude’s founding members Dogboy and Lazy Dread rank legendary status in the Southbay as Hermosa Beaches first Punk Rockers to play Reggae music and the first to mix the two with The Mighty Rhythm Trak. They were to the Southbay much like Sublime was to Long Beach on an underground level. Missing Punk Rock to balance themselves musically, Dogboy and Lazy Dread started War Called Peace, a legendary Southbay Punk band as a side project to The Mighty Rhythm Trak. Dogboy also worked with the Kottonmouth Kings on their first three albums as a featured artists writing such hits as “Dog’s Life” and “On the Run” to name a few. During that time Dogboy recorded the first Too Rude CD (self titled) for Suburban Noize Records (Kottonmouth Kings label). Starting out as a solo project, the record reflected his roots in Rhythm Trak. The band consisted of a traditional Reggae line up, featuring a horn section and keyboards as well as guitar, bass and drums.

Currently Too Rude has recorded its second full length CD, “Reinvention”. Reinventing the line up Dogboy and Lazy Dread added Flan on guitar, a highly respected LA studio musician and Dub mad scientist. Fatal on guitar and vocals, founding member of the Southbays first Ska-Core band, Out of Order.