Diary of a Creative Director

Diary of a Creative Director

“Hey Jim, Can you get my second cousin’s ex husband’s nephew’s zydeco band on BeachLife this year?” 

As a touring musician, I’ve been playing music festivals in the U.S. and overseas for a few decades now. But working with the Beachlife Festival has given me the opportunity to experience what it’s like from the other side. Everywhere I go in the South Bay, especially when I’m wearing Beachlife gear, I get suggestions for bands to play. It seems like everyone has a son or daughter, or friend or distant relative who is in a band. At Trader Joe’s the checker begs “Jack Johnson, please!” My wine salesman Deadhead friend thinks Dead & Co would be “siiiiick!” All the ‘chardonnay moms’ want more 80’s bands, and pretty much everyone would be down for more reggae because, “Dude, Steel Pulse ruled last year!”  LA is the mecca of the music scene, and we’ve heard it all!

Getting all these artist schedules to sync up and coordinated is a mammoth, months-long undertaking. If you see Adam, our talent buyer, around town: buy him a coffee or a beer because he’s been stressed to the max! But it’s all worth while to bring you the best of the best. And we are super stoked to announce our lineup next week!! There’s something for everyone, and RAD surprises are still in store! Don’t lag! Buy your tickets early!

   – Jim Lindberg Creative Director