Diary of a Festival Talent Buyer

Diary of a Festival Talent Buyer

As usual, the names have been changed to protect the innocent (and my job). What I love about music is how passionate everyone is about it. Sure, it’s a little tough sometimes, when my favorite thing to do on my day off is going to a show, and it is also what I do for a living: 60 hours a week. However, I am pretty sure if ‘teenager me’ could see me now, he would be bummed I cut my mullet, but also pretty stoked that I get to sit next to a famous punk rock singer once a week and talk music with him.

The flip side of that passion is when trying to put together a line up for a festival that I want all of my family, friends, and neighbors to love. Sometimes people’s passionate opinions make my job kind of hard. (Which is why you will find me asking anyone in the office if they have a Xanax.)

Sure, it’s the South Bay, and everyone loves Reggae. But my goodness, there are already a lot of Reggae festivals out there! We want BeachLife to stand out and be different. So how much Reggae is too much? “There is no such thing as too much Reggae!” is what a certain person, who shall not be named, (because he signs my paycheck) likes to say.

Then there is always the pressure to be cool and hip, to book artists with the names “Barnes”, “Courtney”, “Trampled By Horses”, etc. And we want to be hip! We want to be cool. But cool is such a subjective concept…Those hipsters have a ton of festivals, already. We aim to make BeachLife it’s own unique festival. A festival that the South Bay can be proud of. Because its made by South Bay music lovers for South Bay music lovers.

A few days before we announced the inaugural line-up last year, I was sitting on the sand with my family, and I heard some tunes drifting over from the nearest volleyball net. There was Men At Work, followed by Everclear and then an old school Steel Pulse song: all in a row. I turned to my wife and said “Holy sh*t. Maybe we actually do know what we’re doing….”

Now the pressure is on to deliver the goods for BeachLife 2.0. I wish I could give you a hint, just one little hint, of what songs you will hear, as you soak up the sun next May. But you are just going to have to trust me when I say, we are fully prepared to blow your minds and take BeachLife to a whole other level.

From the Desk of Adam Spriggs
Talent Buyer, music lover, and all around good guy.