From the Founders

From the Founders
Bob Marley for President. Imagine that.
That was my first thought when the possibility of Ziggy and Stephen playing Bob Marley set at BeachLife came into focus. If you know me, you’ll know that I’ve spent the last 18 months obsessed with getting the culture right at BeachLife — the colors, the vibe, the energy, the structures, the bands — because as it all melds together for three days, if you get it right, the outcome is remarkable.  And this year, with the celebration of Bob Marley’s 75th birthday, we found the perfect ingredient.
Society today is so fired up — we’re quick to blame, always in a rush, and have forgotten the basics in civility and etiquette — so my imagination doesn’t need to work hard in order to imagine more understanding and work-together culture that someone like Marley could inspire us all to move towards.  And as I am well aware that we are but a small music festival in LA only three days a year, I am fiercely dedicated to creating a temporary microcosm where true South Bay culture can flourish…where we’re picking up each others’ trash, watching each others’ kids, and just generally looking out for ourselves as a whole.   I’ve also been listening to Bob tunes since I was a little grom — and I’ve always been mesmerized at how I can listen to any album straight through, without skipping a song.  His lyrics, his musicianship (along with Bunny, Peter, and the rest of them), and the general message and energy of the Marley repertoire is so unmistakable and clear that it finds its way into simple lessons I teach my daughter.
I know we’re not saving the world with BeachLife — not even close, and we don’t pretend to be.  But this May, for three days, we all have an opportunity to leave our keys and normal life on the credenza for a weekend, and to smile, laugh, and wax nostalgia with friends and family in one of the greatest places on Earth to live.  And personally, I could not think of a better soundtrack.
Ballot cast.