Operation Smiles South Bay

Operation Smiles South Bay

It’s been a tough year, and we’re all tired and beat up.
We’ve taken punches as a society, as small businesses, and as community members, and we have a dark winter to get through.

But instead of hibernating, BeachLife has launched “Operation Smiles South Bay”, a program designed to help those that need it the most, those that just need a smile.  With our corporate partners, Subaru Pacific, Tito’s Vodka, and Beach Cities Health District — we have raised over $25,000 towards a campaign designed to make our local community smile and provided some much needed assistance to those that need it most.


Please note: we are working with our partners to increase our donations, but have paused the campaign until we do so. We will be in touch momentarily. 

Hows it work? We will be supporting local businesses — those that need some extra sales to get through the winter and that are locally owned and operated.  If you know anyone that fits this description and could use the help, please have them submit here: Business Submissions. In order to quality, businesses need to be local to the South Bay, directly affected by COVID-19, and smaller in nature (we’re leaving that open ended). Important to us as well is making sure that each business is safely operating — so you’ll want to be signed up with SAFE IN THE SOUTH BAY program offered by Beach Cities Health District. Super easy and more info here:


Please note: we are working with our partners to increase our donations, but have paused the campaign until we do so. We will be in touch momentarily. 

More importantly, we’re going to turn around GIVE some help as well to those that individuals that need it the most. If you, or anyone you know, has recently been laid off, or are having a hard time with things right now and need a little help with some extra money for food, or a Christmas present that will be hard to buy this year, please submit your wishlist here: Community Member Wishlist

We are also going to be having a little fun trying to create some social good with this as well — more coming but next week we’ll be announcing a week long “Clean Beach” initiative, where if you take a picture of yourself holding 10 pieces of trash you picked up from the Beach, we’ll stoke you out with a gift card to buy takeout from a local restaurant. And if you cheat, you’ll be struck by lightning!

Lastly, if you are inspired, and want to help us make some people smile, please donate here on our GoFundMe Page.

One day we’ll be all together, listening to tunes down on the beach, and sharing hugs without fear. Until then, let’s try and be good to each other and keep the local tribe strong, and watch our video below!

Happy Holidays,
Allen Sanford & Rob Lissner
Co-Founders, BeachLife Festival

For businesses applying for Gift Card Purchasing: Business Submissions
For individuals submitting their WishList: Community Member Wishlist

Subaru Pacific
Tito’s Vodka
Beach Cities Health District
Redondo Beach Police Foundation
Keep Esplanade Beautiful