The BeachLife Mission is to inspire art, music, and giving back to our local community and beyond through the celebration of our beachlife culture and a focus on our coastal resources. We were lucky enough to grow up in Southern California on the beach, surfing, hanging out with sand between our toes, vibing with friends and living the beach life.  Our culture celebrates the power and the beauty of the ocean and coastal resources — our waves, wind, smell of sea salt, beaches, sand, and wildlife that call this their home.  We will protect these resources at any cost because they are a central theme to our lives, and each day we celebrate the relaxed lifestyle that has grown out of this environment. The BeachLife culture is giving, genuine, trend-setting, and reflective; and it’s with this mindset that we partner with philanthropic organizations that share our view of Community and what is worth fighting for. 

If you are interested in becoming part of the BeachLife, please reach out to #welivethebeachlife