BeachLife Festival was created with a clear goal of helping to make a difference in our local community and preserve the beaches and ocean environments that we all love. We do this through a celebration of our BeachLife culture throughout the festival weekend while maintaining a focus on our coastal resources and some of the people that support them. As such, we’ve partnered with Tito’s, The LA Kings and a number of remarkable nonprofit organizations represented below to help raise awareness and funds in support of these very worthy causes.
Beachlife strives to set an example for what a sustainable and responsible festival should look like by minimizing onsite plastic waste throughout the weekend, providing free water stations and providing recycling and compostable bins across the festival grounds.
In 2019 we were able to raise and donate over $60,000 towards the causes and partners that represent BeachLife’s values. We have a goal of an even greater impact in 2020.  #welivethebeachlife

If you are interested in becoming part of the BeachLife, please reach out to