“Save The Date”

“Save The Date”

To the BeachLife Community,

We are so appreciative of your continued patience during these unprecedented times. We have some new information we’d like to share with you below.

We have officially rescheduled the BeachLife Festival to May 21-23rd, 2021. 
We will be issuing refunds for 30 days from today for those that do not want to hold their tickets for next year. Please click here to start that process. You can direct any questions here and we will continue do our best to answer within 48 hours. If you are hanging onto your ticket, we will be adding additional perks throughout the year for doing so. Please click here to add your name to our #beachlifestrong list.

If anyone forgot just how much the beach means to all of us, we think this pandemic has reminded us. The ocean, the wind & waves, sunsets and birds flying…how important all of this is to our quality of life. This is also why we remain so passionate and committed to this culture and business.  What we’re also reminded of is our Community, and how much we miss hanging with friends on the beach, going surfing, skating, and living together.  It really does make our life better, and we hope all of you have used the beach as a stress reducer like our family has.  Let’s continue to protect it, enjoy it, and make it better for our kids.

It’s been a difficult decision on when to reschedule, but with eyes wide open, and understanding that nobody has “the” answer, we have decided to be safe and wait until next year to come back with BeachLife Festival, better than ever. In doing so, we are asking for the community to rally around BeachLife and please help us make next year as great as can be:

Be Positive. 
We will get through this and live the BeachLife soon enough, but in a safe and healthy way. If you disagree with our decision, and you think it’s too soon, that’s cool.  If you think we should have ‘gone bigger’ and scheduled for the fall, that’s cool too. We respect everyone’s opinion, but just ask that we be positive on social media, and that constructive feedback is constructive. The world needs positivity!

Be Patient.
We will be researching, learning, and implementing safety procedures for the next 11 months.  You can rest assured that we will stress safety to everyone there.  This is a major reason we are not furloughing our staff — so we can start planning now and provide continuity to the festival safety plan and community.

Support Us by hanging onto your ticket. 
Why would we ask you? Several reasons. First, it COSTS us money in time, staff, resources and fees that we get hit with when you cancel your tickets.  Those are extra costs that we didn’t anticipate last year that we are trying to minimize.  Second, for the same reason that we are buying gift cards at our favorite local restaurants — it helps us bridge the gap between now and the reschedule and makes it more feasible to keep key staff employed. I could keep going, but the simple fact is that you’ll be doing us a huge solid and helping to minimize the risk to BeachLife during these times. By the way, if you want to buy a BeachLife card, we’re adding $25 for every $75 spent!

We are still finalizing artists for the lineup and will be communicating as we go. We expect to have a lineup completed in the next 60 days that will blow you away — mostly same artists, but we’ll certainly add some new ones (lots of scheduling). We in the music industry are collectively moving forward, planning for a positive future despite the current phase we’re going through, and looking forward to something that might just be the recipe to getting everyone back on track.

Tickets will remain on-sale and the price for next year may increase due to the safety and health measures we will be implementing. If you hold onto your ticket, you will NOT incur these price increases. Stay tuned for constant updates on artists and other announcements around the BeachLife community. Speaking of, check out our community action from last week to see how we are helping those in need here in the South Bay.

Still living the BeachLIfe (yes a little cheesy, but true!).
Allen & Rob
BeachLIfe Founders