We hear you.

We hear you.

One of the (many) reasons I love this festival is because we are completely independent and brand new. When we see something that could be better, we have the luxury to change it.  Such is the case with our General Admission re-entry policy.

Due to the variety of individual issues raised (and extremely persuasive emails), we felt it necessary to take another look at our policy. Standard festival protocol is ‘no re-entry for General Admission’. But we had a few additional discussions with our security team, and we (finally) reached a compromise. General Admission ticketholders for BeachLife will be allowed re-entry until 4pm daily. This adjustment accommodates for those individual needs, while still promoting festival security and crowd control. Safety is our number one priority, but you made some valid points, and we totally hear you!

GA will be able to leave the festival and return before 4pm, but you will be subject to lines and security for re-admission. If this re-entry privilege is abused, it can be revoked at security’s sole discretion.

If you’d like FULL In-Out privileges all weekend, you must buy VIP (VIP entrance = no lines. No waiting = No worries.)

So, go walk your dog. Bring your kids home for a nap. Sweet lord, please take your meds! But don’t be gone too long! Because after 4PM, BeachLife has you now…


BeachLife Festival